Call for Hymn Submission: Songs for the Book of Luke

To all hymnwriters (traditional to modern worship)

Here is information about a call for songs based on the Gospel of Luke for next year’s Gospel Coalition National Conference, April 8-10 in Orland0.

For more information:

Songs for the Book of Luke.

The deadline for submissions is August 15

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2 responses to “Call for Hymn Submission: Songs for the Book of Luke

  1. I have several songs, Eric. What is the submission process?

    • From the Gospel Coalition website: Guidelines for Song Submissions
      The submission deadline is August 15, 2012.
      Songs submissions must be in a demo-quality mp3 format. The simpler the better. Full-production recordings are not necessary. Better to record them simply—even on your phone—with a single voice or voices and accompaniment.
      Songs submissions must also include a pdf or Word document containing the lyrics, chords, and authorship information. Lead sheets are welcome but not necessary.
      Song submissions should also include your contact information (name, email, phone number) as well as the name of the church where you serve and your position (volunteer, worship pastor, kazoo maintenance engineer).
      Send all submissions to

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